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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rumors: Kisses for Namitha When Lights Were Off

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While organizing events during the New Year celebrations has become a novelty for the hoteliers, adding film stars as attractions has become a new trend.

This time, the city of Chennai was the place when a leading corporate club, The Country Club managed to rope in the seductive Sada to give her performances for the members. Then, it was the voluptuous bombshell Namitha who set the members of the Lee Club hotel rocking with her moves. The New Year this time gathered a lot of attention and entertainment with actresses making their presence felt.

While Sada's show went on in normal fashion, reports say that Namita managed to bring in heat among the crowds with her grand assets. She didn't hold any hesitations and entertained the people who ever joined her on the dais at the stroke of midnight. The lights were put off for a while and only Namitha should know how many men have 'wished' her in their own way on that moment.

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