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Monday, December 31, 2007

Which Star Makes 2008 A Merry Year

The year 2007 is not so favorable for Mahesh Babu. Although his image was sustained he couldn't make the hits of his standard. His two films 'Sainikudu' and 'Athidhi' didn't do well. While 'Sainikudu' was a clean flop with no life at all, the film 'Athidhi' sustained with some hype initially but waned out eventually.

Apart from this, all the big star films have bitten the mud this year leaving Venkatesh as an exception. His Adavari Matalaku Ardhaley Veruley turned a family hit this year. Chiranjeevi lost with Shankardada Zindabad and Balakrishna has seen failure with 'Maharadhi'. Nagarjuna also didn't do well with Don. Coming to Pawan Kalyan, no film was released this year.

And among the young guys, NTR could breathe some oxygen with 'Yamadonga' this year. Allu Arjun also has seen success with 'Desa Mududru' and Vishnu has seen his first success with 'Dhee'. Gopichand has seen success with 'Lakshyam'.

Apart from this, the time has been bad for Uday Kiran, Tarun, Prabhas and others.

We have to see who will make 2008 a merry year.

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