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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Priyamani's Resolution For 'Big Heroes'

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Actress Priyamani who got a decent name for herself in Tollywood has slowly moved to the Tamil industry too and has been busy finding her footing. Recently, her two films with two noted top stars got her hits and she has now decided that she will not be doing any movies with lesser known actors. When asked about this, the actress justifies that there was a time when she struggled to get a project with a big hero in spite of working in films made by Bharathi Raja and Balu Mahendra and hence she wants to pin her plans with big heroes as she is in such a position now.

Same is the case for her with Telugu as well. She is now inclined to act with top-4 heroes and also says that she wouldn't prefer new heroes or unknown faces. So, it's Chiru, Nag, Balayya and Venky those have to consider Priyamani now.

Well, that is her business model. Will have to see how the industry reacts to her new move.

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