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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reel Talk: Simran Coming Up As Aids Patient

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Simran acted in the Malayalam movie 'Hearbeats' and recall she went into strife with the producer of that movie for showing her as HIV + patient which was against to the agreement. She claimed that she was shown as Aids patient in the movie without taking her permission. She also sued them to pay huge sum to compensate the loss of her public image. She said that the act was against to the feelings of her and her fans.

Now the same movie is getting dubbed into Telugu and coming up with same title. It is releasing on Ragini Creations in the production of P Sreenivasa Rao and G Satyanarayana. Vinu Anand directed the movie and it is the story that revolves around 4 medicos and a woman.

The dubbing activities are going on now. We have to see if Simran continues her protest even with this dubbed flick.

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