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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beer and Whisky Showered On Mumaith Khan

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De Paris Pub and Bar Lounge at Hyderabad organized a Dance Show with Tollywood Bombshell Mumaith Khan. The event had to go on gala razzmatazz where the singles have gushed in by paying Rs 1500 and couples with Rs 1800. The show was conducted in a small hall where it is difficult to accommodate even 50 people. As the promotion was done on large scale, hundreds of people have bought tickets and come for the show. .

As Mumaith is about to start her dance the audiences have sprinkled beer and whisky on her. Mumaith got irritated with that and left the place abruptly. As Mumaith left the place, audience got wild and created chaos. Police have intervened and opened lathi charge on them.

It's considered to be the mismanagement of the event organizers.

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