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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rumors: Charmy's PA Doing Business!

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It is said that the film 'Mantra' brought great cash inflow and taught lessons for the team. Had the film made by any senior producers or known director, things would have been different, say trade circles. No distributor is involved in the movie and that stood as a plus point for producers in getting the deserved profits. Otherwise they would have lost in big way. Now they went into the trap of Charmy's PA, as per reliable sources.

It was said that he demanded the producers to settle the account of Charmy by paying the balance Rs 5 lakh before the release of the movie. As there was no money in hand for producers at that time they said that they would settle after releasing the film. But the PA negated and asked the Malayalam rights of the film. As there was no other chance left for producers they have given away Malayalam rights for him against that Rs 5 lakh. Gossip says that the PA himself settled Rs 5 lakh for Charmy.

But after the release of the film, Malayalam producers approached 'Mantra' producers asking for rights with huge offers. Now, it's a big cake for Charmy's PA to simply dub at a cost of Rs 15 lakh and release 'Mantra' in Kerala. He would certainly end up with bigger profits. We don't know if he gives share for his boss, Charmy or not in this venture.

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