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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snippet: Young Hero Is Confused and Tensed

MS Narayana's son is confused and tensed. He is confused because he is not being able to know how to project himself to grab the attention of audiences. He is tensed because; people are not at all recognizing him despite showing lot of talent (!).

Hence he is pushing the buck of luck on his name. He feels that there is some problem with his name and hence changed to Savyasachi from Vikram for the film 'Bhajantreelu' (he appeared with his original name Vikram for 'Koduku'). As the film flopped miserably now he changed his name again. He calls himself MS Vikram reminding that he is the son of MS Narayana.

He feels uneasy with his name 'Vikram' as there is another popular Tamil hero with that name. Now he is appearing as MS Vikram in the film 'KPHB Colony' that is going to come up as suspense thriller. Let us see if this suspense factor pulls crowds towards him.

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