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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reel Talk: NTR As 'Kshatriyudu' After 'Kantri'!

NTR is going to come as 'Kshatriyudu' after the making of 'Kantri'. The script of Kshatriyudu is going to be dealt by Mahadev, who worked as assistant director with SS Raja Mouli for 'Yamadonga'. NTR seems to be busy for the coming one year with the projects 'Kantri' and 'Kshatriyudu'.

It is also said that NTR is awaiting folklore (jaanapadam) after the completion of 'Kshatriyudu'. Yes, NTR seems to be planning his career well. He is seeing in such away that no two successive films of him bear similarity. If Yamadonga is a socio-fantasy, Kantri will be a naughty mass flick, whereas Kshatriyudu is going to be a high dose action flick.

Indeed, NTR is singing a song in 'Kantri'. We have to wait to know what he is going to do for Kshatriyudu.

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