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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reel Buzz: Hero Doing Wrong Things And Spoiling

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It's not just getting the opportunities that are important. It is picking up right things at right time on right banner is important for any hero to be successful in career. There are a few heroes who spoiled their career by picking up wrong things in their career. Navadeep, although a talented actor, made no prominent projection until the release of 'Chandamama'. The reason is that he didn't pick up right films at any time leaving 'Gowtham SSC' to be an exception. Allari Naresh is in the vigor of doing each and every film and taking no breathing space at all. But how many are turning hits in them? The reason is again the same. He is not taking up right films those have depth in script. Harish also lost his career due to same reason in last decade.

Now Rishi is following the same track. He is not at all bothering about the script of any film but simply nodding his head positively for every call. He acted in the film 'Maharajasri' that couldn't turn the heads of any. He came up with the film 'Bangaru Konda' that didn't record any inflow of audiences to theaters. He is going to come up with the film 'Geeta' which is another film with no publicity at its end.

Rishi is taking wrong decisions and spoiling his career, say industry sources. That appears to be true indeed. Let us see he takjes right steps from 2008 onwards.

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