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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Audio Review: 'Mister Medhavi'- Haunting Tunes!

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The audio album of Mister Medhavi comprises 6 songs where 4 of them prove to be instant winners and the other 2 start dinning in heads only after listening thrice. Chakri has given a better music this time and Kandi Konda was given lion share to pen the lyrics where Bhuvana Chandra was given only one. On a whole the audio bags a rating of 3.5/5.

Kallu Kallutho…
Sung By: Chitra
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This song stood at instant winner in the audio. This solo number defines and describes 'love' in a different manner. The line 'Chupu Chupu tho chiru dhee kodithey-prema' sounds to be an interesting expression and also recalls Genelia's (heroine in Mister Medhavi) previous hit movie 'Dhee'.

Neeli Kanula Chinadana…
Sung By: SP Charan, Kousalya
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This is the melodious beat in the album that rings in the ears even after listening to the entire album. Kandikonda has penned the song with simple and soft words. Although there are no great expressions in the lyrics, it stands out to be a pleasant number for ears.

Kala Kaaduga…
Sung By: Chakri
Lyrics: Kandikonda

This song sung by Chakri scores less in the album but still deserves an ear. The situational fervor in the song can be enjoyed only with visuals. Hence it is the song to be listened and watched on screen.

Neeti Chinuku…
Sung By: Harish Raghevendra, Sumangali
Lyrics: Kandi Konda

This is another instant winner in the album with romanticism in lyrics. The starting line, 'Neeti Chinuku mabbullona evaru daachaaro' elevates the song and makes it stand unique. The song stands to be a perfect match of lyrics and music.

O Maguva…
Sung By: Naveen, Suchitra
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra

This is another average number in the album and holds run of the mill standard. This is the only number written by Bhuvana Chandra in the album. Naveen and Suchitra have given their voices well but it would have been scored with better BGMs by Chakri.

Ningi Nela…
Sung By: Chakri
Lyrics: Kandi Konda

This is another wonderful number that haunts for quite long time. Chakri rendered the song with right feel and Kandi Konda penned it with required depth. Although it is a situational song, the ears hold the affinity for this. It is certainly the instant winner in the album.

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