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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reel Talk: Aims Of 'Suresh Productions' in 2008

One of the top production houses in Tollywood owned by D Suresh Babu, son of noted film maker D Ramanaidu is 'Suresh Productions'. Known for making some of the most outstanding movies, the production house has gained maximum profits in 2007 and in 2008. Now they are aiming to become a private limited company. Also, they are looking at venturing into Gaming and other multimedia related projects and finally they would be looking at setting foot in Bollywood again by producing some big budget movies.

The brand and product expansion activities are going to take place in 2008 as per Suresh Productions sources. Suresh Babu is aiming at making the Ramanaidu Studios unique in entire India with varied products, services and film making. On the other hand it is also said that Ramanaidu is making plans to contest from Karamchedu from TDP if things move well this year.

So, Ramanaidu's family has ambitious modus operandi this year both business wise and politics wise.

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