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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Man Who Deceived Pawan Kalyan

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It's not Nalla Suryaprakasa Rao who deceived Pawan Kalyan by releasing the photographs of him with BSP leaders. The man behind is Masterjee, the lyricist. Masterjee was a clerk in FCI (Food Corporation of India) who is an SC. He is a good poet in Gaddar school of thought and approached Pawan Kalyan with a few songs. He was introduced in 'Johnny' with the song 'Naraju gaakura maa Annayo..'. Then the relation between Masterjee and Pawan Kalyan was tightened. Hence he got another chance to write the song 'Killi Killi Killi..' in 'Gudumba Shankar'.

Sources say that Masterjee is very shrewd but opportunist as well. He is opportunist only in one matter. He moves close with Scs while fighting for 'rights' and joins OCs while earning a few bucks, say sources. Apart from that he is very good at heart, add sources.

Once, Masterjee took Pawan Kalyan to Gaddar. Pawan Kalyan considered Masterjee and Gaddar only as singing artistes and poets. But eventually Masterjee thought to show his mettle by saying that Pawan Klayan is behind him while talking to BSP leaders recently. They asked Masterjee to bring Pawan Kalyan to their meeting in an informal way. As usual, as Masterjee took Pawan to Gaddar earlier, he took him to BSP leaders as well. A few photographs were taken that day. And now they are used by Nalla Suryaparakasha Rao stating that Pawan came to them to join hands.

Sources also said that Pawan screwed Masterjee verbally after this incident. So, the real man behind deceiving Pawan Kalyan is Masterjee, who acted too smart and dragged him to BSP imbroglio.

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