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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kalamandir Calendar With Sexy 'Back Beauties'

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We know about 'King Fisher Calendar'. Then what is Kalamandir Calendar? The sari show room 'Kalamandir' turned eminent with its promotion campaign. While many showrooms were paying huge pay checks for top heroines and making them their brand ambassadors, Kalamandir has gone ahead with unknown models but captured market. The idea is not to use the faces of the models but only to show them sexier from back. The campaign clicked well and now the new campaign was started with new model. There was a reference of this ad-campaign in the film 'Viyyalavari Kayyalu' as well.

Adding to this, Kalamandir in collaboration with film magazine 'Cine Star' is going to come up with a 12 page calendar where all the models will show their voluptuous backs wearing designer blouses and saris. The shooting for this calendar took place for more than 10 days in Bangalore on about 30 models. Only the best 12 will be picked up for the calendar. Kalamandir is opening its showroom in Bangalore on large scale. An Ad-jingle was also made by Kalamandir in Malaysia.

It is true that Kingfisher calendar cannot be placed on the walls of traditional Andhra families. But Kalamandir calendar can be!

An old Telugu verse says, "One gets punya by plunging into River Ganges from any side. Similarly eyes gets pleased, hearts jump in dalliance and senses run into romance by enjoying the beauty of woman from any side".

That's perfectly applicable here!

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