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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chiru uses Nagendra to fire his first salvo

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Hyderabad: On Saturday, the bugle will sound. Chiranjeevi will open political fire. But, for now, he would use brother Nagendra Babu’s shoulder to do so.

A beaten-into-shape Nagendra would lead the cast in a highly-political film ‘Aapada Mokkula Vaadu’ (One who rescues the distressed, a reference to Lord Venkateshwara) to be released in as many as 15 theatres in the city. Here he dons the role of a small-time politician (ZPTC member) who takes on the political system that’s ‘off-track’.

“The movie will prepare the ground for Chiranjeevi to smoothly enter the political arena,” a close aide of director Posani Krishnamurali said. A TV interview scene is used to wish aloud Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics. “Chiranjeevi kooda politics lo vasthe prajala gundello nilichi pothadu (If Chiranjeevi enters politics, he will remain in the hearts of the people forever),” one of the characters says.

It was last year that Posani Krishnamurali had directed another political potboiler — ‘Operation Duryodhana’ — which ran to packed houses. The movie castigated politicians but so acerbic were the dialogues that the Censor Board had to step in. The director had to make 41 cuts and 20 subcuts before it was released. The latest movie also faced six-seven cuts and carries an ‘A’ certificate for violence.

“The movie is about how politics needs to change,” Posani said.

But, clearly, there appears to be a purpose in casting Chiranjeevi’s brother in the lead. Posani had declared publicly that he kept the Chiranjeevi in mind while moulding Nagendra’s character. Nagendra has been donning character roles in recent years after failing to make it big as a hero. But with his reduced flab and a role with ample opportunity to mouth powerful political dialogues, the actor, for all practical purposes, would be making the path clear for elder brother Chiranjeevi to take to the political battlefield.

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