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Friday, December 28, 2007

Attention Grabbing Director of the Year-2007!

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The director of the year is none other than Shankar who made it national news with the film 'Sivaji'.

He proved that a film which was made with big star and big hype makes immense business at the box office irrespective of the substance in it. He has shown new vistas of Indian Cinema by selling his film 'Sivaji' at whopping prices making entire nation stun and shock. The film made big openings in international scenario as well. The sustenance at box office and the collections also proved impressive. As far as Telugu connection is concerned, Tamil dubbing Sivaji is the movie that made bigger news in AP this year than another direct film.

Although there was lot of repugnance from many sections of film lovers, after the film released, the pre-release hype and the news that it incurred huge budget made the movie a hit of this year.

That's the magic of Shankar who directed not only the Super Star Rajni Kanth but also directed the pre-release hype. But basing on the substance he has shown in the film 'Sivaji', there are many doubts on Shankar now. Big stars from Bollywood are not giving green signal for his fresh project 'Robot'. We have to see how he plans his career and image-management in subsequent days. Shankar is anyway turned the director of this year 2007.

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