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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chiranjeevi Was The Fan Of Sreedevi In 1978

Do you know this? Chiranjeevi was the fan of Sreedevi when her first film as heroine 'Padaharella Vayasu' was released. He made struggling attempt to watch the first day evening show of 'Padaharella Vayasu' along with his friend. He found the theatre was houseful and worried a lot as the show was starting in another few minutes. He tried a lot by requesting different people at the theater and finally found successful by requesting the person who brought boxes for the theater.

He requested that he came all the way from other town to watch the film being a fan of Raghavendra Rao and Sreedevi. He also gave his reference by saying that he acted in 'Pranam Khareedu'. His first film 'Pranam Khareedu' was released just a few days before in an adjacent theatre.

Then the person got impressed with that and took it a privilege to help a film actor. He arranged two extra chairs in the theater (taking double the amount of ticket price) and thus Chiranjeevi watched 'Padaharella Vayasu' happily. Well, he doesn't know that he would act with Sreedevi in 'Jagadeka Veeru Athiloka Sundari' and 'SP Parasuram' in his future.

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