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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reel Buzz: Madhu Shalini Testing Testosterone!

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Madhu Shalini is now testing the testosterone of men. She is looking gorgeous and looting the hearts of many.

As the age is growing up, this local Telugu actress is gaining the oomph factor. She is appearing in public shows with hot costumes and also posing hot for some photographers. She boosted up glamour a lot and grooming also added to her glory. On a whole, she is now a hot one among film folks but only success is not coming her way. She is acting in a few films but they are proving utter failures at box office.

Sources say that she is taking the help of a big man in Tollywood who gave blessings for many heroines like Anushka and Nayantara. The man is known for his ever-green image that has immense female following in the industry. Well, he is Nagarjuna as known for all.

Let us wish that Madhu Shalini shoots up to fame by any means in 2008.

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