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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gossip: Raasi Fighting With Her Co-Producer!

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The film 'Maharajasri' has left many bitter memories not only to the makers but artistes too. Rasi's husband, Nivas directed and partly financed the film. His co-producer D.S.Rao went into financial distress, when the film turned a mishap. He couldn't make payment to many artistes including heroine Nikita. Expecting fat remuneration, she 'exposed' her figure beyond decency in the film. As she couldn't get a pie, she lodged a complaint with the Producers Council. D.S.Rao found no other way except to clear her debts. Rao is now blaming Rasi and her hubby for his distress.

Grapevine said that a tiff is going on between DS Rao and Raasi. The openings of the film are also very bad and the sustenance is weak. Now both Raasi and DS Rao are passing bucks on each other. Raasi alleged DS Rao that he raised the production cost unnecessarily.

DS Rao alleged Raasi that she kept on interfering in the creative part of the movie and also involved in story department killing the dish on a whole. Raasi also invested considerable amount in the film and she got nothing back. She is at a big loss now and decided not to present or produce any movie again. She is only worried for the career of her husband.

We have to see which way she chooses now to push the career of her hubby.

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