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Monday, December 24, 2007

Rumors: Rajendra Prasad's Ego Becoming Problematic!

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Comedy hero, Rajendra Prasad, is not willing to act in those films, where Brahmanandam is on the cast. He developed strife with him and hence not willing to act with him. The reason is nothing but ego. He was hero for quite long time and Brahmanandam was only a comedian who earned more than him. Both of them had a tiff long back and Rajendra Prasad is not moving close with him since then.

Rajendra Prasad has a problem with Allari Naresh too. When these two appeared together in 'Ma Alludu Very Guddu', many producers thought that was the most successful combination. Some approached them with good scripts also. As their relation is bad, those producers had to withdraw. Ego and eccentricity go with Rajendra Prasad.

In fact there are a few heroines who keep Rajendra Prasad at bay. Malavika turned popular among those. It was complained long back that he molested her during the shooting of 'Appa Rao Driving School'.

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