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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reel Talk: Bad Reports For Nagarjuna's TV Serial

'Yuva' is the TV serial that was started by Nagarjuna in big way with big hype. The young actors acted in 'Happy Days' are seen in this serial on MAA TV. The response to this serial is pretty bad and the youngsters are also not inclining towards it.

"The serial has no sense and the episodes go on with no spirit. The comedy in the serial is also very weak and it is better to stop the serial or should come up with proper line taking some break", says Lavanya, a plus-2 student.

"We don't understand why Nag produces this serial. It is suffering from poor viewer-ship. Nag should rethink and should change the 'behind the screen team' if possible", says Madhusudan, an MBA student.

"I thought that the serial would open new vista for amusement. But it didn't. Rather it is bringing in boredom", said Kaveri, an engineering student.

While everyone is saying this way, Ravi, another engineering student leaves a ray of hope saying, "There must be something interesting ahead. Otherwise Nag wouldn't encourage this serial. I' m awaiting something interesting after a couple of episodes".

What can we say? Nag should give a look here.

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