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Monday, December 24, 2007

Spotlight: Famous Cine Wonder Of 2007

The film 'Sivaji' unleashed a famous wonder this year. Rajni Kanth, the dark looking south Indian star was shown bright like a European in that film. There were several gossips on that aspect. Some said Rajni had undergone chemical peeling treatment to look fairer for that song. Some others said that was the magic of make up artistes. But the fact is that it was only a graphics job done in Chennai. The details are not furnished by many. Here is the complete information.

If you have watched Sivaji, you would have observed the fair complexion of Rajinikanth in the song 'Ok Bandi Sunlight'.

For the first time grafting technology has been used for an Indian film which was made possible by a Chennai based company Indian Arts who had worked in Shankar's earlier films. One of the dancers, Jacky, was chosen by Shankar and Rajini's skin tone was matched with hers. The six and a half minute song was shot in Spain.

Each shot of Rajni's in the song was once again shot with Jacky and was sent to Indian Arts. Since the lighting varies in indoor and outdoor, to match the skin tone, expressions, and lip and body movements of the two was a challenging task. A total of 6700 frames were been for post production. Rajinikanth himself was amazed after watching the song.

Is that not a wonder on Indian screen that was done for the first time?

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