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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chiru's smile is our weapon, says fan club

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Now that mega film star Chiranjeevi has reportedly decided to put on hold his plans to join politics, the large fan following of the Tollywood actor take shelter behind his "smile".

They say, "your smile is our weapon". In fact they have gone a step further, penning a poem invoking the rebirth of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. They said Gandhi should come once again to put an end to all the troubles in the country including corruption and looting of public money by big leaders. In the Telugu poem, they have included the name of Chiranjeevi saying that his smile is the weapon to fight against all the evils afflicting society.

Though they did not compare Mahatma Gandhi with Chiranjeevi, they took great pains to indirectly draw a parallel between the both, fighting for justice and against injustice. If Mahatma Gandhi could fight corruption with his lathi, Chiranjeevi could do it with his "Chiru Navvu". The poem has many stanzas and it begins with praising the father of the nation and ends with urging the film star to keep smiling, giving boost to the morale of his large fan following.

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