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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brahmanandam's Comedy Scene In Mr Medhavi

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Brahmanandam is known for his unique brand of comedy and that is known for all. He has done a variety role in the film Mister Medhavi directed by Neelakanta. After his famous roles like Khan Dada, Kaththi Ramadasu and others, now he portrayed the role of 'Gandhiwaadhi'. He is not a routine Gandhiwaadhi but different. One has to watch on screen and enjoy that difference. His dialogues in the movie would be a grand treat for the audiences say inside sources.

Brahamanandam said, "I never acted in the direction of Neelakanta and awaited something from him. He is such a type of person who creates a role as there is an artiste. He picks up artiste only when there is a role. Now I got a role to play and that is Gandhiwadhi. I'm not a routine Gaandhiwaadi. I would become violent if anyone disturbs non-violence- because I'm Gaandhiwaadi".

Inside sources are also saying about Brahmanandam's role and sharing that it has come as a wonderful rib-tickler.

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