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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Srija Is Understanding The 'Loss' Now

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Srija now understands what she has lost, say sources. She came to Chiranjeevi's house to watch the dead body of her grand father day before yesterday. But she was not cared by any. Sirish wasn't allowed inside the house and the fans of Chiranjeevi caught his neck and prevented from coming inside.

Only Srija could go inside the house. Knowing that Srija has come to that place, Chiranjeevi avoided to see her and went up stairs. A few ladies who were present in the hall didn't come to talk to Srija. Even Srija's mother avoided to see her. Inside sources said that Srija wept for a while sitting in a corner. She didn't get attention from anyone, and even though a few ladies tried to go to her, other family members shouted on them and kept away. That way Srija has become an untouchable for entire family of Chiranjeevi.

That's the reason, she responded to media in disgust when mikes were kept before her.

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