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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mickey Meyer's song rules the chart

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Hyderabad (IANS) Mickey Meyer's musical score for "Happy Days" still rules the Telugu music market. The title song is on top of the charts like the movie. Songs from "Mantra" and "Vaana" enter the list of popular songs.

The top five Telugu songs are:

1. "Happy Days" - Film: "Happy Days" - The title song has a nice symphonic feel. Mickey Meyer has scored a grand composition. Given Mickey's solid foundation in Western classical music, it is natural that this tune has this quality and is well blended with classical Indian notes. The tune is almost a signature one, and reappears in the movie several times.

2. "Maha maha" - Film: "Mantra" - A typical Western techno number with an interesting beat, the song is sung by Madhumita and Noelsen.

3. "Yeduta Nilichindi Choodu" - Film: "Vaana". Karthik sings this soft, rather melodious number composed by Kamlakar. The lilting music lingers on even after the song ends, particularly the first line. M.S. Raju, who produces and directs the movie, generally enjoys if there is good music in his films.

4. "Nee Kallathoti" - Film: "Thulasi" - It returns to the chartbuster list. Sagar and Chitra croon the rather melodious number. Set to tune by Devisri Prasad's song, it has a slow tempo and a slightly classical feel.

5. "Ammi-Ammi - Film: "Takkari" - Music director Chakri and Sai Shivani sing this foot tapping number. Hero Nitin does some good steps while dancing to this tune.

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