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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yearender: Top Worst Films of the Year-2007

This is an analysis of the films those were released with considerable hopes but lost at the box office miserably. The films also bagged negative talk in big way and they became black spots in Tollywood this year.

1. Vijayadasami:
The film was the remake of Tamil film 'Siva Kasi' directed by V Samudra and released with bigger hopes. But miserably, the film got very big negative talk and turned a mishap. The film was bought by American distributors but not released for the fear of further loss. Later, they understood that the decision was perfect. Probably Samudra and Kalyan Ram might have learned the basics of film economics.

2. Maharadhi:
This is the film that was released with huge expectations being Balakrishna in lead. P Vasu of Chandramukhi fame directed film and hence the expectations were still big. Jayaprada played a glamorous aunty role in the film and everything was used for hype. But the film lost miserably. It received words of bane from all the film lovers. P Vasu might have learned a lesson with this film.

3. Hello Premistara:
This is the film where Puri Jagannath's brother Sai Ram played the lead. Sheela, the pretty girl acted as female lead beside him. The film lacked in proper story line and Sai Ram failed to present him with proper grooming. This is the film that was released with the brand name of Puri Jagannath but the younger brother failed to keep up the glory of his elder brother. The film collapsed miserably and no one knows what lessons Sai Ram learned from this.

4. Poramboku:
This is the movie released just before the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Tollywood. The title was inspired from 'Pokiri' and it named with mass punch as per the trend. Navadeep acted in the flick and it was collapsed at the box office. Navadeep although performed well in the film, the story line and screenplay killed the film completely. Navdeep would have learned that it requires proper story line to be successful as an actor and mere talent is not enough.

5. Raju Bhai:
This is another unforgettable flop from Manoj Kumar, the son of Mohan Babu. In fact, he has seen no hit till now in his career and this film continued his failure saga. No proper story line, no impressive screenplay and nothing. It is in fact the remake of Tamil flick 'Chittiram Pesudadi'. Manoj might have learned that one shouldn't carry away by remakes but should see what suits him and the trend.

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