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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yearender: Hero of the Year 2007

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There are no film hits, no great awards and rewards and no big encomiums this year. He has only mental trauma for the venom spilled on him by Mohan Babu indirectly in Platinum Jubilee function. He was pushed into depression by the daughter that married against to his wish and also made big uproar in national media harming his image. His younger brother Pawan Kalyan created a scene at Jubilee Hills Police station with a pistol, adding pain to his grief.

He also got pressures and compulsions from different politicians to come into their party. His own fans brought disgust for him asking him to start new party.

His film 'Sankaradad Zindabad' flopped miserably. With all this, he forced himself into oblivion and staying far away from media camera. The only notable thing happened in this year for him is the debut of his son Ram Charan with 'Chirutha'.

Although there is no good news for him, he has been the biggest news maker with many bad things.

Looking at the flip side, he bagged such a big reputation that Monika Satijn-Boricic, a Dutch filmmaker is working on a documentary on Chiranjeevi now after getting inspired from his influential aura and demigod status in AP.

Chiranjeevi has become 'the most wanted savior' for Communists and they are the first to approach Chiranjeevi and offer a welcome for him into their party. And Kapus on other hand compelling Chiranjeevi to make their community and alternate force gluing caste color.

On a whole while the year 2006 bestowed him with Padmabhsuhan, doctorate and laurels from Abdul Kalam, the President, for CCT activities, the year 2007 turned a bane with more pressures, tensions and dooms for the star.

Now the buzz is still on his political entry. News Papers, Magazines, Tabloids, Websites, TV channels, Astrologers and Numerologists are cashing the buzz by indoctrinating people with comprehensive analyses in all possible ways. The real hero of 2007 is hence Mega Star Padmabhushan Dr Chiranjeevi!!

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