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Friday, December 28, 2007

Trade Talk: 'Don' Down-Down And Thrillers Gone Up

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The film 'Don' was released with lot of craze but proved a dud. Many awaited the combination of Nagarjuna and Lawrence as they made a super hit 'Mass' earlier. The film was made with wrong budget and the substance was also proved to be down. The film lost the over all spirit and hence lost at the box office. Adding for all this, the over action of Lawrence in the film marred the tempo, say some.

But on the other hand the thriller flick 'Anasuya' is pulling the crowds in big way. The collections are good at various centers and the variety is invited by audiences.

Another thriller 'Mantra' is also doing well at the box office. The film brought big profits for the producers.

Raasi's 'Maharajasree' lost completely at the box office. The film suffered with 'no openings' and no sustenance at the box office.

'Nava Vasantham' completed 50 days and the drop is collections are seen now.

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