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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Screen Talk: Charmy Says About Her 'Dreams'!

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Charmy says that she dreams and dreams and dreams. She speaks very good Telugu and shared her views on life and career this way.

"Nenu eppudoo kalalu kantoo untaanu", she started. Probably she might have inspired by Abdul Kalam's words 'Dream and Dream'. "I dream to touch the sky so that at least I reach the tree top. I always want to be jovial and happy in life. I take things very casual and enjoy the life. I always dream a lot. I wish to be on the top, earn big and achieve bigger success. And I don't get tensed to achieve all those dreams. I dream and take up whichever comes my way", said Charmy with charming face last evening.

Charmy is in happy mood for the success of the film 'Mantra' that is doing well at the box office. Apart from success, her crowd pulling power is known for film circles. She made the entire theatres houseful with her mere presence on posters.

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