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Monday, December 24, 2007

Yearender: Heroine of the Year-2007!!!!

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The heroine of the year is Shriya. She made big news by becoming a choice of the most expensive film of India made in this year.

That is 'Sivaji' or Rajni Kanth and after analyzing many ifs and buts Shankar, the director of the film has chosen Shriya to be his heroine beside Rajni. That boosted up the image of Shriya to rocket heights and she bagged series of offers from top banners in Tamil. She acted beside Vijay in 'Azhagiya Tamil Magan' and also paired with Vikram for 'Kandasamy' (to be released in Telugu as 'Mallanna'). Apart from this she made a big news by dancing with Vadi Velu, the Tamil comedian for a film 'Indralogathil Naa Azhagappan'. Tamil tabloids wrote about her saying that she agreed to do with him by taking a pay check of Rs 50 lakhs. But Shriya condemned it saying that Vadivelu is a worthy artiste and it is privilege working with him. That way, Shriya made everything a big news this year.

She also turned a hot cake on Telugu screen as well. She played a cameo in the Venkatesh starrer 'Tulasi' and also appeared in an item song in 'Munna'.

She also bagged a role in Bollywood flick 'Awarapan' but that didn't do well at the box office. The other film that is yet to be released is 'Ek-The Power of One' with Bobby Deol. Apart from all this, Shriya bagged a wonderful Hollywood offer as well. She is acting in the film 'The Other End of the Line' that is going to be made by James Dodson and she will be pairing up with Jessie Metcalfe. 'Mission Istanbul' is another big budget film in which Shriya is acting by pairing up with Vivek Oberoi.

On a whole the year 2007 is a memorable year for Shriya for many unique things happened in her career.

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