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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yamadonga Choreographer Turning Director

Prem Rakshit, the choreographer of the film 'Yamadonga', is now venturing to become a director. So, taking the path of Prabhudeva, Lawrence and Amma Rajasekhar he is also taking up the direction mantle. He prepared a few scripts of his own it seems. The details of the project will be announced soon and his debut as director will be with a young mass hero. Who would be he? Let us wait with fingers crossed.

On the other hand, the inside sources reveal that lyricist Chandrabose's wife and choreographer Suchitra is also planning to direct a film. So, another lady director in the path of Jaya!

We have to see when the things would work out to see these two choreographers becoming directors. But Chandrabose says that he continues to be a lyricist forever and will not sing although getting pressures from the industry. We have to see if he prevents his wife from becoming director asking her to be a choreographer for ever. Or he gives respect for her likes has to be seen.

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