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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Is Vaibhav Becoming 2nd Ghajjini Of Tollywood?

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Kodanda Rami Reddy introduced his son Vaibhav with the film 'Godava' and that didn't do as expected at the box office. But the father-director has a big idea to make Vaibhav close to people.

He planned series of movies with his son and without looking into hits or flops, about 10-12 movies will be made and released. Is that not reminding us of Tarakarathna who started his career in similar way? He was also called Md Ghajjini of Tollywood for trying to conquer the screen for many times despite failures. Now Vaibhav becomes the successor of Tarakarathna by following the same formula. Well, if he strikes success, then he will be regarded. Otherwise he will be completely compared with Taraka Rathna.

Now Kodanada Rami Reddy is going to start his second film with Vaibhav in the month of February as per the sources.

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