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Friday, December 28, 2007

Rumors: Mohan Babu's Son Flattering Colors Swathi!

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Swathi of 'Colors' fame thinks too high of her. Though there are fewer takers for her, she lays restrictions to producers. She says she cannot play a sister to hero in any film. She looks for the roles of heroine only.

She ascended from small screen and gained some reputation in film. She was known for her kid-like-talk as a TV anchor once. Now she is always found with hero Manoj, son of Mohan Babu. As she is good at conversation, boys like her company in parties. Manoj praises her all the day. His flatter has made her think too big of her.

Swathi has till now acted in films 'Danger' of Krishna Vamshi and 'Adavari Matalku Ardhaley Veruley' of Sree Raghava alias Selva Raghavan.

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