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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Charmy and Suhasini In Bheemavaram Lodge

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Charmy and Suhasini were noticed by a few movie lovers at a famous and expensive lodge in Bhimavaram, The Anand Inn. They were there in separate suites and were there on different jobs. Charmy was there for the inauguration of a shopping complex. She didn't give scope for anyone to talk with her. She ran out of lodge very quickly and got into the car that was closed with dark filmed glasses. Then again when she returned she ran inside the lodge in swift pace. She didn't give scope for anyone, including the hotel boys to come closer to her and talk.

It is common that for the craze, Charmy has, people would mob around her if she is exposed for longer time. So she maintained the quickness for not making people notice her all the while.

At night she boarded the Gowthami Express-First Class AC Compartment and dint get down. It was her attendants those looked after her needs. On the other hand people didn't recognize Suhasini as heroine at all. She was there in Bheemavaram for a shooting.

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