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Thursday, December 27, 2007

'Happy Days' Nikhil Turned Mass Hero

The days are now happy for the artistes acted in the film 'Happy Days'. No one knows when one would get the break and when one would turn the heads of millions.

Varun Sandesh turned hero on the banner of Dil Raju as acting in the film 'Koththa Bangaru Lokam'. The film is scheduled to start in a couple of months. Tamanna bagged a chance to pair up with Allu Arjun and it is said that she is also getting an offer to pair up with Uday Kiran. The others are also getting enough of chances in prominent way.

The actress who played the role of Sangeetha in the film got a chance to act in the TV serial 'Yuva' of Nagarjuna. Now, Nikhil, who scored more marks than anyone in the film, is becoming a mass hero. Andhrawala producer Giri is going to produce a film in which Nikhil will be playing a mass role.

Parasuram, a debut director is making this film. We have to see how far the 'Happy Days' charisma adds for all these artistes down the line.

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