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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vijayashanthi's Movie On 'Telangana Thalli'

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It is said that Vijayashanthi is planning to do a film shortly on 'Telangana Thalli' as a part of campaigning for coming elections. She is busy with preparing script for that film and she wishes to use the movie as a tool to campaign. Hence she is titling the film with the name of her party 'Thalli Telengana' itself, say sources. Vijayashanthi is still relying on movies to allure people and get votes.

But how far the Telangana based films those were released by Vijayashanthi worked in those areas? Although Vijayashanthi released a couple of films after the hit flick 'Osai Ramulamma' of Dasari, they didn't make any impact at box office.

We have to see how far this lady boss attracts the attention of public with her new film.

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