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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Satyam Rama Linga Raju Watched 'Mantra'

Satyam Rama Linga Raju made it a point to watch the film 'Mantra' along with his family members. He went to Sudarshan theatre, Hyderabad for the second show and enjoyed the movie.

But Hyderabad traffic has no scruples. It puts even the great personalities like Rama Linga Raju in trouble. It took 20 minutes for the driver of Rama Linga Raju's car to park the vehicle. And at the same time, after the completion of the film, the driver took 25 minutes to bring the car out and reach the traffic filled road.

The theater was completely packed up with audience and the black tickets are being sold out at Rs 150 to Rs 200. Youth audience made their way to theaters initially, and now the masses and families are also coming in bigger number as the mouth publicity is good.

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