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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yearender: Tollywood top 5 Films Of 2007

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The year 2007 has taught new lessons fore the film makers. It is not the hero that matters but the content that carries more weight. Sekhar Kammula proved that with his 'Happy Days' that ran to successful heights with minimal budget. The super star syndrome and demigod worship is slowly waning and 2007 might be harbinger for that. And it doesn't mean that the big star films didn't do well. It's the script that matters and rest falls behind that now.

Let us see what the top 5 movies of this year are:

Happy Days:
The film proved to be novel in screenplay and fresh in theme. It has complete contemporary feel due to engineering college background. The film boosted up the image of Sekhar Kammula, the director and gave new image for all the young guns in it. The guys Varun Sandesh and Nikhil bagged solo hero offers on other banners with this film. Actress Tamanna bagged a chance to pair up with Allu Arjun. The other guys and girls acted in the film bagged chance to act in Nagrjuna's TV serial 'Yuva'.

The film turned the heads of everyone due to the most famous Yama concept that hasn't come on Telugu screen in the last 10-15 Years. Mohan Babu playing 'Yama' also turned a USP for the film. NTR's new slim look added glory for the film and appearance of Late NTR on screen with the help of graphics added craze. NTR sang his first song in the film and with these several elements, the film turned super hit.

Desa Muduru:
The film turned super hit for two reasons. One is complete mass appealing music and the other I new macho look of Allu Arjun and cute look of Hansika Motwani. Although there was no big story to discuss, the film proved to be hit being trendy. Puri Jagannath's magic worked that way in the beginning of this year.

Adavari Matalaku Ardhaley Veruley:
The film turned a hit due to the family oriented theme in it. Selva Raghavan's touching direction and Trisha's decent look in the film pulled family audiences and thus it proved to be a hit.

This film proved to be big magic in Tollywood this year. Vishnu got his first hit with this. Sreenu Vaitla's direction with Sree Hari and Brahmanandam in key roles added vigor for the film. Genelia continued her hit track after 'Bommarillu' with this film. Narration of the film in lighter note and non stop comedy proved to be success factors in the film.

The common aspect in the above films is effective screenplay. And another aspect is comedy which proves to be vital part in any successful film. The collections of all the above films have been strong and maintained continuously for many days. The year bestowed Vishu, the first hit with 'Dhee'. NTR also made success this year breaking the flow of flops from many years. Allu Arjun projected himself different with macho look this year with Desamuduru. Venkatesh did nothing new but could find success with his stereotype role in 'AMAV'. New young faces turned top celebrities this year with the film 'Happy Days'.

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