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Friday, December 28, 2007

Reel Buzz: Teja's Iron Hand On MS Raju's Son?

Has MS Raju done a mistake by putting the debut of his son in the hands of Teja? In every film of Teja, his hero will be weak. Teja extracts heroism from the weak characterization of hero. Although such films turned hit, all his heroes are now facing problem in career.

Uday Kiran, Nitin, Navdeep are now struggling to break the nut. Teja has shown even Mahesh Babu in a weak characterization in the film 'Nijam'. Now will Sumanth Ashwin, the son of MS Raju, have weak characterization as usual? In fact there is no hard and fast rule that the hero should project himself weak with his debut.

Freshly it was said that Teja gave a humble caution for MS Raju to keep away from involving in direction aspect. So, is that an indication that MS Raju took a wrong decision? Everything can be known only after the release of this film.

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