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Monday, December 24, 2007

Behind The Scene: Where is Babu Mohan?

Film actor and politician Babu Mohan is not seen these days at Telugu Desam State headquarters NTR Bhavan. He used to play an active role both in the government and in the party when the Telugu Desam was in power for nine long years. After the humiliating defeat of the Telugu Desam in 2004 Assembly elections, Babu Mohan started gradually staying away from the Telugu Desam party affairs. Now he is hardly seen in the party circles.

It is not clear what has made Babu Mohan to keep away from party activities in the State capital. But sources point out that Babu Mohan has been fed up with the policies and programmes of the Telugu Desam supremo and he wanted to have a break for quite some time. With the next Assembly elections scheduled for May 2009, Babu Mohan may again take up an active role in the Telugu Desam. But when does he start taking active interest is the million dollar questions.

Several Telugu Desam leaders who went into hibernation soon after the defeat of the Telugu Desam have now started resurfacing. It is to be seen whether Telugu Desam supremo N Chandrababu Naidu will accept these leaders and give party tickets in the next Assembly elections.

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