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Friday, December 28, 2007

‘Mee Sreyobhilashi’ Review

Review: Slow and Not Convincing

Film: Mee Sreyobhilashi
Presented By: CC Reddy
Banner: Visu Films P Ltd
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Ravi Kondala Rao, Radha Kumari, Dhanush, Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagawan, Tanikella Bharani etc
Art: Ashok
Stunts: Ram-Laxman
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music: Koti
Producer: Y Sonia Reddy
Director: V Eeshwar Reddy
Released On: 28 Dec 2007

Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) is a professor who loses his wife and grown up daughter. He regularly goes to a park and finds a few people coming there with various problems in life. Kiran (Dhanush) comes along with his lover and both decide to die. The reason is that their elders object their marriage.

Raghuram (Ravi Kondala Rao) is an old man who is neglected by his son. He comes along with his wife (Radha Kumari) with a decision to commit suicide.

Amala is a lady who gets pestered by dowry craving in-laws and husband. She too wants to commit suicide and comes to that park.

Cheetila Chinna Rao (Krishna Bhagawan) also wishes to die. Surya Prakash Reddy (Naresh) is a film producer who goes bankrupted and hence wishes to die.

Rajaji gathers all these suicide aspirants and hires a bus to die collectively. He plans to make the bus jump into Sri Sailam valley so that everyone in the bus will be killed. He also chooses a bus driver who wishes to die due to his family problems. He says that by dying in a bus all together, the families wouldn’t get bad name as it will be coated as an accident.

The bus starts with all these suicide partners including Rajaji. He too says that he wants to die as he has nobody with him. The conclusion is within in the predictable limits of common audiences. As the bus approaches Sri Sailam, the people in it find attachment with life and change their minds. They want to live happily. Entire film has only bus journey and nothing else. This story sounds variety when listened. But it requires firm screenplay and effective narration to make it a successful movie. That key element is lacking here.

Everybody acted within the limits of script and nobody got the scope to exhibit talent personally.

Although there is Krishna Bhagawan in the film, his character never makes the audiences laugh. It’s like one in the group.

Rajendra Prasad continued a decent role after ‘Aa Naluguru’ but there is no range of that film here.

Naresh’s character is just ok and his slang is not into the skin. It’s only Raghu Babu who could make people laugh for some time with his performance. That is the only relief in the film. Brahmanandam comes as a guest and does his part.

Nazar played the role of police officer and he gave his own dubbing for the first time.

Dialogues are weak and the screenplay is also feeble. There are a few illogical scenes in the film as well. On a whole it couldn’t touch the hearts of people.

It’s a film that is assumed to be in the school of ‘Aa Naluguru’. But that range hasn’t come for ‘Sreyobhilashi’. All the characters in the film wish to commit suicide for silly reasons and that can be convinced. But the way they get enlightenment is very artificial. There is no convincing point in the film why the characters change their minds. The depth and spirit is missing there.

The film is made to give a message. The message is ‘problems are inevitable for anybody. But no problem is such a big one that needs death as solution. Problems just test the individuals. So, one shouldn’t commit suicide to run away from problems’. The narration should be convincing, effective and heart touching for this theme. But it lacks in everything. There is no scene in the film that touches the heart. Although there is scope to make this film in a touching way, the director couldn’t take it to required depths.

First half of the film is very slow and by the time interval bangs, audiences expect that there may be something in second half. But that is very well predictable and at the end, the message is not rooted deep in the hearts of audiences. Director might have done more homework in the aspect of bringing more conviction.

Mass audiences cannot relish this film and the class audience may not feel the depth in the film. We have to see who would patronize this. But it is really an adventure by CC Reddy to make something different. Had he focused on bringing in depth for drama, the theme would have got better remarks.

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