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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Paalamoor NRI Forum adapts Chenchu school

Paalamoor NRI Forum(Palamoor.org) a voluntary organization which is working in the most backward mahabubnagar district of the nation has recently adapted a Chenchu(Tribal) school in the district upon request for help by Dist Superintendent of Police Ms. Charu Sinha and school secretary, sri Ashok Reddy, and decided about helping the school. The Chenchu Peetam was initiated by Saraswathi Shishu Mandir Vidya Peetam Members and have taken 100 students from 27 chenchu pentalu (villages) and providing studies to them. But these students don't have dresses because they were running on own finance of adapted agency. This school (Vanavasi Kalyana Awasam) was started in 2000 with a limited grant from govt. Then, Saraswathi Sishu Mandir collected contributions and kept on strenthening it. As part of further strenthening the school The Dist SP approached NRIs to do the needful.
NRI's under co-ordination of Ravi Mayreddy have collected finances to help students acquire dresess, books and stationary for the current finacial year. During Recent whirlwind tour of rural areas of the district by its NRI representative Vijay Chavva has awarded this material to School secretary Sri Ashok Reddy in the presence of District Incharge SP and ASP Sri.Sathyanarayana and Loksatta and NGO Organization Dist. President Somashekar along with local students and volunteers.
On this occassion Vijay Chavva Paalamoor NRI Representative who travelled in the distrrict at his individual capacity last week has expressed his willingness to work with all the local organizations along with all the political parties irrespective of their nature as keeping the best intersets of the district in view.
He also met again with Mr Chandra Babu Naidu TDP Supremo , Dr Jaya Prakash Narayan Loksatta Coordinator for follow up on his meetings in last few months for more concentartion on the district issues, also met BJP ex- Mahila Morcha president Vanam Jhansi, BJP Leader from District Jukka Raghunandan, District Graduates MLC Mr Nagaeshwar and several local leaders and requested to help come out with a seperate manifesto in the next elections in order to get better attention to reduce the pains of labor migrations and starvationdistricts from the district. The leaders have responded positively and said they comiit for the district development.
If the efforts come through Paalamoor district will have a unique acheivement of having a sub regional agenda cum manifesto.
Vijay Chavva Thanked Sri T Rama Chandra Reddy an NRI and prominent industrialist from US and others who helped with donations and Boddu Mallesh and Sridhar Reddy for coordinating the effort on the ground.

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