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Monday, July 23, 2007

Screen Buzz: Bips-John patch up?

Perhaps one of the best looking couples in Bollywood, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have had a relationship for around 5-6 years now and everything seemed to be going hunky dory till some time ago when the rumours of John being linked with certain other colleagues from the industry started surfacing.
There were rumours of a rift in their relationship then, but both vehemently denied it. However strong rumours started again recently when John was shooting in Pondicherry for Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Aashayien’ and Bipasha was in the city.
Even though Bipasha was supposed to visit him on the 28th of June her not going further fuelled the rumours.
Then Bipasha made a trip to Portugal to represent India for the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. Then pictures making rounds of her having kissed football star Christiano Ronaldo just added to the fire.
Even after John came back from Pondicherry a week ago sources insisted that the two had not met each other. But that was until Saturday.
On Saturday night people saw John getting out of his SUV at 9 pm outside Bipasha’s residence in Bandra and entering her house. Nobody saw him getting out that night, so it looks like they have sorted out their differences.
If this is true we are only too happy for the couple and what’s a relationship without a lovers tiff here and there.

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