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Monday, July 23, 2007

Siva Nageshwara Rao Learned His Lessons

Siva Nageswar Rao confessed that he made mistake by making 'Photo' in his own production that ended him in losses.
He said, "People expect comedy from Siva Nageshwara Rao. But I made horror picture 'Photo'. People shunned that film with out any mercy. There are some people those said that I made good film although ended up in losses. I learnt that one needs to experiment in slow fashion but shouldn't switch over to new formula or type all of a sudden".
He also said that he struggled a lot to enter film industry and ate only once in two days while living in Chennai. He said that his family background is sound enough to live I better conditions and food, but his desire to become a film director kept him in starving many a time in the initial days of his career.
He also recalled the bitter memory of losing his father who said that he would watch the Preview Show of his first film in Hyderabad.
Siva Nageshwara Rao worked as Co-Director for 'Shiva' and Ram Gopal Varma gifted him with a gold ring after wards, on which it is carved 'Shiva' title logo. He showed that ring during the interview with all happiness.

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