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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fact Sheet : Dy Speaker post, a farce!

The elections to Deputy Speaker's post in the Assembly, scheduled to be held on Monday, has proved to be yet another farcical exercise undertaken by Y S Rajasekhar Reddy government.
The Chief Minister, who had dodged the issue of cabinet expansion for nearly three years and taken it up only under tremendous pressure, has chosen a totally inappropriate time to appoint the Deputy Speaker. There was no reason why he delayed the appointment of a Deputy Chief Minister for the Assembly for such a long time. After everybody declined to accept the post for such a short period (hardly two years are left for them to be in the post), YSR managed to convince senior Congress MLA G Kutuhalamma to accept the post, though she was reluctant for it as she was strongly trying for the ministerial berth
Like the chairmen of regional boards, Kutuhalamma will hardly have any job to do. She can at the most chair two budget sessions, two winter sessions and a monsoon session, provided she gets the opportunity. Being a good speaker and a sincere politician, who always takes up issues pertaining to her constituency, she will now have to shut her mouth in the Assembly!

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