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Monday, July 23, 2007

'Mohan Babu' Says Those 100 Days Are Genuine & Trapped Entire Electronic Media

Mohan Babu Says Those 100 Days Are Genuine

Mohan Babu is speaking in indirect fashion these days. He is letting out his feelings ironically in several incidents. A few days back during the audio launch of Yama Donga he said a dialogue from the same film and implied that he is saying that by keeping a person in his mind. The dialogue is " Nyayaaniki Anyaayaniki, Dharmaniki Adharmaniki Madhya sangharshana jaruguthunnappudu goda meeda pillila vunde vaadini sala sala kaage nunelo veyisthaaru ee narakamlo.."
That's one aspect which smells fishy and leads to pseudo assumptions of many about that 'person' in Mohan Babu's mind.
Freshly he said another thing that appears to have said by keeping a person in his mind, again. He said, "My son Vishnu's 'Dhee' ran for 100 days genuinely. Even my films run only genuinely. We never try to push it for 100 days although people are not watching, like others. Right now Dhee is running beyond 100 in about 40 theatres".
Well, who are those 'others'?

Mohan Babu Trapped Entire Electronic Media

Mohan Babu has his own way of keeping entire electronic media in his proximity. He invited all the heads of different television channels and FM radios for the launching of '24 Frames Factory', for which Vishnu Vardhan Manchu is the CEO.
Right from TV9 Ravi Prakash, MAA TV Sarath Marar, ETV Bapi Needu to the heads of SFM, Big FM and all have come for the launching of the same. 24 Frames provides the video content pertaining to films to TV channels and also entering into IP TV. There will be daily correspondence between 24 Frames Factory and electronic media channels if the contract is signed with them for taking the exclusive video content from them.
In the function, it is observed that TV9 Ravi Prakash moved very close with Mohan Babu and both appeared like thick friends for many. It is really a good idea to keep entire electronic media in intact.
Apart from this '24 Frame Factory', Vishnu Vardhan Babu is also heading 'Think Smart', the animation studio.

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