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Monday, July 23, 2007

Screen Talk: Nagarjuna Also Changed His Mind

Nagarjuan also changed his mind with respect to multi star films. Once he said that multi star films in Tollywood are far from reality due to budgetary constraints and the expectations of fans.

Once he said, "The story of such films should be very strong. No one should be over shadowed by other. That is very difficult to get such script".

But he is now acting in Vishnu's next film as per the grapevine. It is known that 'Dhee' became successful for three factors- Sri Hari, Brahmanandam and Sreenu Vaitla's narration. So Sri Hari, the special character in the film played a very vital role in the success of it.

Now if Nagarjuna plays special character in the film of Vishnu, that would really be a sensation and will be much hyped while making it. Let us see if this news will be a confirmed one.

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