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Monday, July 23, 2007

Buzz: When Jagapathi Babu Lost his Cool!

It is indeed tough time for Storm pictures that entered into the film making with the blessings of Varma. We hear that Storm's upcoming flick with Jagapathi Babu directed by J.D.chakravarthy is undergoing some problems.
According to sources a huge tiff broke on the sets between the lead star Jagapathi Babu and the director JD resulting in Jagapathi's walkout.
"JD has tendency to shoot the same scene over and over again, even when everyone present there could see that a take was fine, really got on Jagapathi's nerves," says a source on the sets.
Another major difference arose during the Scripting of the film when director JD approved the earlier version. Apparently Jagapathi was not satisfied with the earlier one as he felt that it was not up to the mark. JD promised to rewrite the script according to Jagapathi's suggestions but he failed to do so.

However the production house denies that there were any rift between the hero and director. But it is not the first time JD having differences with his team. This may be the reason why he is still struggling even he was proved long back as an actor and director.

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