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Monday, July 23, 2007

Shriya: "I Got Great Physique From Her"

Shriya dreamt many things but nothing happened in tune of those. She expected that she would bag something big followed by Sivaji. She acted in Hindi film 'Awarapan' but even there the things are not favorable. The film turned down at box office.
She shares her personal things to media this way:

My Beauty:
Many say that my physique looks great. I got that from my mother. My Mom is a beauty and I got that from her by birth. I take extra care in the matters of sleep, food and exercise. That keeps me in shape.
I never believe in competition in this field. Every body will have her own cake. I get along with everyone with amicable behavior.
Party Animal:
Many call me party animal. I spend time with my friends that way. I have many friends in Hyderabad. I go with them for parties in the evenings. I don't think that is wrong. But media projects that in big way.
Present Projects:
I'm acting in Tamil film 'Kandasamy' with Vikram and another film with Vijay.

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