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Monday, July 23, 2007

Gossip: Kamalini is all set to dump Sumanth?

Rumor has it that the rock steady relationship between Kamalini Mukherji and her beau Sumanth is presently going through a very rough patch. So far there has been no confirmation or denial of this Relationship by either Kamalini or Sumanth.
It has been close to two years since Sumanth and Kamalini began dating. Over the years, their love has withstood the test of time. But now, some deep rifts have begun to appear.
After moving together for couple of years, Sumanth and Kamalini seem headed for splits Ville. While the real reason of the split is still not clear, it is being speculated that the two lovers have had too much of each other and that love has begun to evaporate from their relationship.
Friends close to the couple are quoted that Sumanth has not denied in the past that his relation with Kamalini has been through rough patches over the year. But this time, the friction between the lovers seems a tad too serious.
Earlier Sumanth and Kamalini would often attend the social dos and dinners together. But of late, things have changed. Poor Sumanth is often spotted alone.

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